What’s Up with Heaven? Revealing the Mysteries of Heaven





Revealing the Mysteries of Heaven





One of the points I look for in good Bible preaching is whether or not it is expositional. There are two distinctive types of expository sermons: a textual-expository and a topical-expository message. This message is an excellent example of the latter. Even though he is speaking on a board subject, it is evident that he has done his homework. Dr. Jeremiah is not simply preaching on a theme drawn from thin air and buttressing it with heavy proof-texting. He has taken the time to study to text to which he refers and from them to draw abiding principles. This enables a student of God's Word to go back and reproduce the principles and apply them to his/her own life. Too many Christians are siting around waiting to go to heaven. Dr. Jeremiah ties this present life on earth with the life to come in heaven. You, like I, will learn and be blessed by this excellent message.