The Secrete of the Presence of God


I do not plan to link into the websites of others often. However, this link is worthy of an exception.

Since COVID-19 has kept me from attending worship services in person, I have been watching Dr. Michael Youseef's program, Leading the Way ( and have been blessed much by his messages. 

I have been in full-time ministry as a church planter, pastor, and college professor for over 50 years, and, lately, have been performing interim work. It took the virus to sit me down in my Livingroom watching good Bible teaching on TV to show me just how starved I have become, emotionally and spiritually, in my own life. Like so many in full-time Christian service, it is easy to not realize that we have developed the habit of studying to give to others and failing to study for ourselves.

We begin to develop an Elijah complex thinking we are the only prophets left in the land or, worse, to think no one else is right and we are the only ones who hear the voice of God. The result is that we not only starve ourselves but the people God has called us to shepherd.

Please watch Dr. Youssef's entire message, The Secrete of the Presence of God. Then watch other of the many messages this wonderful man of God has on