Let’s Talk About Constitutionally Guaranteed Freedoms Under the Sun


Freedoms Under Siege

You may have noticed that the News outlets and social media are burning up with condemnation against Associate Justice Samuel Alito's message to the Federalist Society November 12, 2010. In it he condemned the use of the court system to undermine the meaning of the Constitution of the United States. He called out activist judges, whether progressive, moderate, or conservative, and condemned their allowing this to continue unabated. 

Whether we agree with Justice Alito's position on any one issue he used as illustrations of this drift toward lawlessness, at least we must be willing to consider his accusations and what it means to freedom in America.

The following link is to the entire YouTube view of Justice Alito's speech. You will want to listen to it in its entirety.


Use the scroll bar at the bottom of the video to find the beging of the speech.

Associate Justice Samuel A. Alito to the Federalist Society 11/12/2020


Added Concern Regarding the Erosion of Freedoms:

In Addition, I am adding a reprint of changes to the Terms and Conditions of the Boeing Employee Credit Union required by all members to sign for the privilege of using their services. While innocuous on the surface, this should be a wakeup call to all of us regarding our constitutionally guaranteed freedoms with regard to doing business.

Notice there are no guidelines as to who the monitors will be or by what criteria speech and communications will be determined to violate this new policy. While I am not advocating abusive and offensive language, I see this as an abrogation of free speech. What if someone determines, through their algorithms, that any reference to traditional marriage or right-to-life is offensive to them, does this violate the terms of this agreement? There are countless examples of such Cancel Culture abuses today.

Changes to BECU Condition of Use Agreement

These surreptitious changes are going to continue to erode our freedoms as the end draws near.