Life Without Polymers

Stand in the middle of your Livingroom and look all around you. What do you see that was not made from biofuel? What is not the results of the discovery of polymers? Then read the following linked document regarding polymers quoting sections from Wikipedia.


Think about the irony of it. 

There were no polymers in the garden of Eden. Following the fall, God turned the earth over to fallen man and they messed it up. So God had to cleanse the earth so man could start over. 

But in the fullness of time, man discovered polymers, derived from the consequences of man's  antediluvian nonsense.

Polymers have done more to reverse man's folly and ease man's punishment under the sun than any other discovery in history. Now "Progressives" promise paradise in sixteen years by destroying polymers!

This is the best evidence that salvation does not come by man. It comes from One who was not affected by sin, the incarnate Son of God, who created all things, and who died on the cross to once and for all overcome man's folly.