Let’s Talk About Textual Criticism and Bible Exegesis

A major goal of this website is to call God's people back to the Bible as the foundation of the faith. There appears to be a drifting away from this in Christian circles today. Many are relying on what others say rather than going to the text of the Bible for themselves.

It is a blessing to note this website is not the only one make this appeal. Also, I am beginning to receive feedback and questions regarding this subject. What exactly is textual criticism? How is it preformed? Who Does it? Who can be trusted?

With the plethora of translations and paraphrases available, how does one choose what is authoritative? These questions are important. In the Americanization of the Gospel (see), there is a rush to print, with a new addition of the Bible being published almost daily. It can be confusing, even harmful.

A recent email feedback led me to write more extensively on this subject.  Here is the email response (see). Linked is also a post expanding on textual criticism. What it is? What it looks like? How is it performed? (see)