Church Life and Health

The purpose of this category is to encourage and inform those whom God calls to serve churches and the churches they serve. My focus will be on small churches where many are struggling to survive.

Some of the articles I will be posting under this category are articles others published for me in the past regarding church life in the past. One of the reasons for posting them is to show how my thinking has developed over time as I sought to address issues then and how those issues are similar and yet different today. While methods are not inspired, the Word of God never changes. Jesus Christ is the same today as He was fifty years ago when I first began my ministry. I am also including under ORIGINAL RESEARCH my doctoral thesis, CHURCH PLANTING: Responsibilities and Ministries, on church planting which gives some philosophies of ministry for small churches then. With the church growth movement, many have a different view of ministry.

The photograph above is of the Claquato Church  located off of Washington State Route 6 in Claquato, Washington. It is the oldest standing building in the state of Washington.