Predestination: It’s Nothing Like You Were Told

Predestination: It's Nothing Like You Were Told


The subject of predestination has been much debated over the centuries and especially more recently. This usually garners more heat than light and any dialogue descends into wrangling. Pastor Kevin Thompson, in this 43 minute presentation, separates facts from fiction. If  you have ever wanted a clear presentation of the truth surrounding the use of the term predestination in the New Testament in order to make an informed decision as to what you believe, this is your opportunity.

One response when I sent this to my Facebook group was: 

Yo Jerry:
Most interesting. I dropped Calvinism and McArthur and more local proponents of such exegesis that is really eisegesis some time ago. I am so critical I may have to avoid myself. 1Corinthians chapter 3 will tell. I would like to learn before then. I really hate being wrong. Did God design this to be a challenge. If we don't study then the Holy Spirit has no Library to work from? I am not reaching for position. Whatever God has predetermined will be more than sufficient. I would like to help people get it right. I got a reply tonight telling me that Jesus got secretly married. I have secret theories that I find difficult to prove so I keep them secret. I sometimes get the reply "I don't believe that". Well believing is a matter of fact not opinion. Thanks for the video. I will relisten.